Sealing Products Without A Sealer – “Every Problem Has A Solution”

They say every problem has a solution.

I had my work schedule all mapped out. A simple task lay ahead. Seal all the products and clear the craft table. Work was going fine until the sealer decided to go on the bum. I could not believe it.

Panic began to knock at the door as this could mean an additional expense I did not plan for and in the life of an Entrepreneur, this could be challenging.  Then I decided to look on YouTube to see if it was possible to seal plastic bags without a sealer and what do you know? There was a tone-load of information and videos.

What did I have to lose? I gave it a try and just like that my problem was solved. This encouraged me to make a video as someone stumbling upon my video could also be helped if they had the same challenge.

Be encouraged everyone “Every Problem Has A Solution”


I grew up seeing my mother on the sewing machine a lot. Our house was always filled with fabric and I was bitten by the sewing bug at an early age. Today, in addition to Photography, I also make accessories and children’s clothing, under the Your Wardrobe Label.