Replacing Rusted Earring Hooks – DIY Video

We all have accessories that we are pretty fond of. Maybe a bracelet or necklace that adds to our style just right or a pair of earring you bought on a trip to somewhere special. In our latest video check out how you can replace the hooks on your favorite pair of earrings when they have become rusted.

In less than five (5) minutes you can have your earrings looking like new. All you will need are some handy jewelry pliers, jump rings and some new earring hooks and the good news is all these items are available online at a reasonable cost.

Leave a comment below the video or maybe you can even post a photo of your earrings before and after.

I grew up seeing my mother on the sewing machine a lot. Our house was always filled with fabric and I was bitten by the sewing bug at an early age. Today, in addition to Photography, I also make accessories and children’s clothing, under the Your Wardrobe Label.