Cake Making For Christmas

As promised. Here is another helpful blog which will help you get ready for the Christmas Holidays. Cakes play a big part of Christmas celebrations anywhere in the world whether it is fruitcake an absolute staple for some or plain sponge cake.  There are some people who purchase their cakes for the holidays at the grocery, bakery or where ever is most convenient to them.

Then there are those who love to bake and so they bake their cake from “scratch”. No box cake or commercially manufactured product. Just good old fashioned homemade cake. In the West Indies, for example, many tell the story of growing up and having to beat the butter and sugar together, manually, until the sugar was melted. Today its as easy as putting everything into your cake mixer pouring it into the pan for baking. If you are adventurous you can add a bit of food coloring for a colorful outcome.

We have put together some photos and videos for you as well as the recipe and method. Hope you have a fun time preparing your cake for the holidays.


(3 cups –  Flour), (1/2 Butter) , (2 cups – Sugar) , (1 cup – Milk), (4 large – Eggs), (5 tbs – Mixed Essence) , (5 tbs – Baking Powder)

Beat butter and sugar together until melted. Add other ingredients and beat until smooth. Place into an eight inch round cake pan. Bake for at least 45 minutes or until done in a 375 Degrees hot oven.

We have posted some photos and videos. Do enjoy your cake making for the holidays.





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