An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away – Add More Fruits To Your Diet

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away and so we are encouraged to eat not only apples but some five different servings of fruits per day.

The thing about some fruits and I believe that God knew what he was doing, is that they are seasonal. For example, mangoes are not available all year round and this is good because it would mean, us mango lovers would have to expend an enormous amount of energy working off the extra pounds that come with “mango season” as we call it in the Caribbean. Also, seasonal availability makes for verity and balance.



Fruits may contain vitamin c, potassium, and folic acid (depending on the fruit), just to name a few. They also contain fiber and this is probably one of the key reason it is advisable to consume fruits. In other words, they help you go to the bathroom or help with your bowel movements and this helps improve your overall health. Depending on the fruit,  additional benefits include cleaner skin and with fruits containing potassium such as bananas you may experience a reduction in your blood pressure. This, of course, depends on if you are also eating a balanced diet, drinking lots of water and getting your daily dose of exercise.  Not to mention avoiding stress.

Fruits like Papaya aid in digestion and works wonders for persons who have digestive issues and this is so because it contains an enzyme called papain. It is said it can also reduce the risk of cancer.


Papaya or Paw Paw


Types of Fruits 


West Indian Cherries                         Julie Mangoes                                  Pine Apple


Sugar Apples                                                    Oranges


Carambola or Five Finger

The fruits featured here are just some of the many many kinds of fruits that are available. If your a fruit person keep on enjoying your fruits and adding to your health. If your not a fruit lover, start getting to know your fruits.



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