New Styles In Our Bag Collection

In this blog, we feature a few of our new bags.

When you love crafting and creating new designs it is never work or hard work, just a labor of love. The feeling is so rewarding when you see the finished product and your customer is satisfied. There is a lot of thought, love, skill, and creativity which goes into each product.

I really, do love handbags and I remember years ago trying to do a bag makeover and set the timer on my Mom’s machine off. She was very encouraging but it was a lesson well learned. Bags that are especially functional and handy are the ones I like creating and fabric bags are quite trendy. These are just a few of the new designs that are now available, at feel free to visit and get yourself or someone you love a wonderful gift.

Be sure to leave a comment in the section below, letting me know which one you like best and if you love them all that would be wonderful. See you in my next blog.

I grew up seeing my mother on the sewing machine a lot. Our house was always filled with fabric and I was bitten by the sewing bug at an early age. Today, in addition to Photography, I also make accessories and children’s clothing, under the Your Wardrobe Label.