Favorite Easter Things

We have been hard at work and so our blogs have not been as regular as we would have liked them to be. Non the less with Easter around the corner we just wanted to share some of our favorite Easter things.

One of our all time favorites is Hot Cross Buns. Traditionally, they are sold in the bakeries and shops on Holy Thursday and some times if you are lucky you get them for the entire Easter week. You will be surprised how much information there is on the internet about the origin of these tasty buns. One source said that a German Mount first baked them in honor of Easter and just gave them out. This started the tradition of eating Hot Cross Buns at Easter. Another source says the buns are made to celebrate the Goddess of Fertility. you can do some reading and decide which version you are familiar with. You can even leave a comment.

Hot Cross Buns

Easter Baskets

We are so fond of making these cute little Easter Baskets at Easter time and when we first made them it was a way to sharpen our crocheting skills. We are so glad now that we tried our hands at this project.

You can visit our YouTube Chanel and check out the videos and try making them yourself.

Easter Eggs

What better to fill your baskets with than those ever so tasty, Easter Chocolate Eggs. After you have made your crochet baskets filled them with eggs. If you are having an egg hunt or you simply want to give a gift you can present your Chocolate Eggs in style.

Easter Lunch

Easter brings one of our favorite dishes and that is Ground Provisions including, yams, cassava, dasheen, sweet potatoes and to top that off some fried plantains. The dish goes well with fish, Salted Fish or Herrings as well. Here are just some shots of this beautiful dish.

Have a wonderful Easter and be sure to leave a comment.

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