Natural Jewelry Making – The Right Drill Is Important

When I pursued a Jewelry making course, I was so thankful to our tutor that she expanded the learning material to include Natural Jewelry making. She said it was not part of the course but she felt that all her students should be exposed to that aspect of Jewelry making. She also said she hoped that at least one student in every cohort would get bitten by the bug and continue the art.

Natural Jewelry Making our tutor explained was the art of taking seeds, shells, wooden beads, or other natural materials and fashioning them into pieces of jewelry.

Choosing a Drill

After surveying the market and reading a lot of customers reviews I went with the one in the video.

Made by Drumel, I have found it works well for drilling holes in palm nuts, sanding rough surfaces like wood, and depending on its attachment even cutting coconut shells. Lightweight, the drill came with a kit which contained over fifteen accessories.

I have had this drill for over three years and it works like new. 

In addition I bought separately a MultiPro Keyless Chuck a very handy attachment that supports different size bits.

Different size bits are important because the texture of some seeds is much harder to drill and so you would need a larger size bit.

This drill is super handy, especially for crafters, user-friendly and easy to clean. It has a good grip as well. I will buy this drill again especially since I have had it for about three years and have had no problems at all. A worthwhile investment. In the video below I demonstrate how I use the drill, please excuse my trying to be a Videographer and drill the seeds at he same time.

The supply of raw materials and Natural seeds are endless as you could find materials all around you. While traditionally there are certain beads, seeds, and even shells that make fine pieces you can check out one of my previous blogs on the topic there are other inputs that you just have to have the eye, creativity, and innovation to see the raw item as finished fashionable work.

Natural Seeds

Here you can have a look at some natural seeds.

Watermelon Seeds

Some Palm seeds make nice beads for jewelry making.

Palm Seeds

Using the Drill

Making jewelry from natural materials is interesting and you feel very proud when your hard work evolves into something stylish and wonderful. For me, the hours of selecting, drilling, polishing, and all the other things that go into a work of art are well worth it. Happy Crafting.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and do feel free to contact me if you have any questions and or comments.

See you in my next blog.

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