A 2 Piece Extra Long Hand Mitten Set For Use In The Kitchen – 100 Percent Cotton – Heat Resistant Quilted Lining, With Hanging Loops


These handy pot holders or hand mittens are just what you need when your cooking and have to hold a hot pot. Moving a hot casserole dish, don’t burn your hands just use these holders to safely move your dish and do not burn yourself. You can reach into the oven with confidence when your dish is done baking.

Additional information about this product

  • Resistant to heat – Protection for up to 350°F,
  • Batting quilted lining improves comfort while cooking and offers heat protection 
  • Your arms are protected when your reaching into the oven. 
  • Steam Resistant 

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Hand Mittens

Abstract pattern fabric

Material : 100% Cotton

Heat Protective: Batting Lining

Color: Brown abstract floral pattern

Size: 16 inches Long x 5.5 Wide inches

Shape: Hand Shape

Product Care Instructions: Hand wash or put in the delicate cycle in the washing machine

The mittens have loops which make it easy for hanging it in a handy place in the kitchen.

Warning: Do not use directly in open flame. The mittens are not fire proof. 

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