A Handmade Wire Beaded Wrist Band With Matching Earrings


We just love helping you look your most fashionable. This Handmade Wire Beaded Wrist Band with matching earrings adds style and cuteness to your wear.


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This Handmade Wire Beaded Wrist Band adds style to your formal or casual wear.

  • Material: Round Imitation Pearl Beads and Craft Wire
  • Colour: Pink, Black and Grey Beads, Silver Wire and Pink Dangle Bead
  • Length: Approximately 8 inches long

Comes with Matching Earrings.


I grew up seeing my mother on the sewing machine a lot. Our house was always filled with fabric and I was bitten by the sewing bug at an early age. Today, in addition to Photography, I also make accessories and children’s clothing, under the Your Wardrobe Label.