Coconut Shell Jewelry

In my last post, I spoke about coconut oil and some of its health benefits. The good thing about the coconut is that every part of this gem is useful. I just wanted to show that the shell of the coconut can be used to make some really fantastic jewelry.
While the coconut shell is literally a tough material to work with, no pun intended, after much hard work you can produce some magnificent pieces. I tried my hand at making a piece after taking a Jewelry Course where the Tutor introduced us to natural jewelry making. I will post some other accessories made from natural material in another blog but for now, have a look at this necklace with a coconut shell pendant, which is available for sale from our store.

Coconut Shell Pendant Necklace

I grew up seeing my mother on the sewing machine a lot. Our house was always filled with fabric and I was bitten by the sewing bug at an early age. Today, in addition to Photography, I also make accessories and children’s clothing, under the Your Wardrobe Label.