Christmas is in the air and we are helping you get ready

The ringing in of the month of September means Christmas is in the air, believe it or not. This year we want to help you prepare for the season by sharing helpful recipes for the holiday foods, tips on home decor and ideas for the perfect gift for co-workers, friends, and family.

First up is the drink called the Sorrel Drink made from the Sorrell plant which at times can grow some six or seven feet tall. Several options are available to you. You can buy the sorrel seedlings or dried seeds at the garden shop if you want to grow your own sorrel and this takes some two months to harvest time.

Most of us, however, just buy fresh sorrel from a roadside vendor or pick up some of the dried kind available at the supermarket. When fresh, the Sorrel looks like a half-opened red flower. This is picked and cleaned by cutting the bud and taking out the seed, although in recent times some have taken to using the entire flower, seeds and all. After cleaning you can put it on a tray and dry it in the sun for several weeks or if you are in a hurry, you just boil the Sorrel for about half an hour or so.


Ingredients –  Two pounds of fresh or dried Sorrel. Two liters of water, Bay-leaf, clove, spice, mixed essence and Brown sugar to taste.


After cleaning the Fresh Sorrel, place on a tray and dry in the sun for several weeks or you can boil the Sorrel immediately for half an hour in a large pan filled with two letters of water. Be sure to add the spices. Let cool, then strain and use to make your Sorrel drink by adding sugar according to desired taste.


Do let us know if you tried making this drink and if you would like us to blog about any of your favourite Christmas treats.




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